Life should not stop after a neuro diagnosis...

How you can help


We provide support to many hundreds of people every year that is simply not available on the NHS or offered by any other charity. We do not get any money from the NHS and we rely on grants and donations.


Author: Mark Purches


We rely on the huge generosity of the local community to support us to deliver our services and to run our office. Without volunteers we would not be able to provide the comprehensive and excellent support that we do.


Author: Mark Purches


In South West and West London 30,500 people are living with a neurological diagnosis!

INS supports many of them to have an independent and as quality of life as possible.

Our blog

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    INS is an innovative registered charity providing long-term support to people and their carers with a neurological condition such as: multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s disease (PD), and Stroke. Read more

  • What INS can do for you

    Having a neurological condition often leads to reduced communication skills and self-confidence and a loss of mobility. This can mean that people are unable to go out and therefore, become isolated at home or within a limited environment – as do their carers. Read more

Our events

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