1. At INS we believe that a long-term neurological condition requires a long-term approach. We believe that this should include support for carers and focus on ability not disability. We believe that changing needs require a flexible approach and that social inclusion is essential to wellbeing. We do this by ensuring that our trained therapists and assistants work as an MDT providing evidenced based intervention in a supportive environment.
  2. We provide an evidence based program of group and individual therapy that promotes individual independence, social inclusion and supports carers. We do this and will continue to do this because it works and INS bridges the gaps that others cannot.
  3. INS meets the needs that others cannot.
  4. We believe that a long-term condition requires a long-term approach. A time limited approach leaves gaps, INS fills these gaps. 
  5. Everybody at INS is passionate and committed to providing support and therapy to people with long-term neurological conditions.  We believe that the current statutory provision is not enough and that a long-term condition needs a long-term approach. We believe that this approach should be client centred, support carers, enable social inclusion and promote client independence. Additionally, we believe that INS support and therapy should be integrated; that is, that it should work with statutory providers, friends and families, adopt an inter-disciplinary approach and focus on the person not the condition. At INS we believe in living and not just existing.