The INS difference is a person centred long-term approach that considers the holistic and integrated needs of clients and carers. This difference enables INS clients to remain independent for longer, need less acute care and empowers the client not the diagnosis. ‘INS makes the difference between a life devastated by severe illness and a life that makes the most of the opportunities still available. It is all about expanding horizons and realising what is possible’. 

At INS we treat the person not the diagnosis. We consider the needs of carers and we aim to meet the clients and carers identified needs with a holistic approach that is not time limited. This attitude enables rather than disables, respects individual differences and promotes independence. We find that INS can be the difference between living or just surviving with a long-term neurological condition.

INS can be the difference between living or surviving with a long-term neurological condition. The INS approach enables, promotes independence, respects, considers carers needs and supports living well long-term.

INS support and rehabilitation is not limited to six or twelve weeks. INS are there as long as we are needed.

INS offers a variety of long term and short term groups. Some of these groups are for people with a specific neurological condition, while others are open to all neurological conditions. Our groups focus on different areas; some are exercise based, others focus on managing symptoms, while others provide you with an opportunity to try out different activities. Please click here for more information about our current groups being delivered via videolink.