Groups and activities:

INS offers a variety of long term and short-term groups. Some of these groups are for people with a specific neurological condition, while others are open to all neurological conditions. Our groups focus on different areas; some are exercise based, others focus on managing symptoms, while others provide you with an opportunity to try out different activities.

Exercise based groups: for people of different physical abilities, aiming to maintain or improve your fitness.

Living well groups: focus on living well with your condition.

Symptom management groups: These short-term groups help you manage issues related to your neurological condition. They are open to people with any neurological condition.

Communication groups: long term and short-term groups for people with a range of communication difficulties, arising from a neurological condition.

Expanding Horizons: A range of short term groups and outings offering an opportunity to participate in activities of therapeutic benefit. Activities are tailored to the needs of those with a neurological condition.

For details of the current INS Programme being delivered by videolink, please click here.