Your Journey with INS

Your journey with INS aims to enable you to live more independently, safely, with dignity and in the knowledge that INS will aim to meet your needs and the needs of those that care for you.

Your journey commences with a referral to INS. This referral can be set by a health or social care professional, a voluntary service provider, a family member or a close friend, we also accept self-referrals. INS will only accept referrals that are sent with the consent of the person concerned.

Once a referral is received at INS it will be discussed with the clinical team and the sender will be contacted to arrange a date and time for an initial assessment to be conducted. This will normally occur in the home of the client and we would aim to conduct this within 10 working days from the receipt of the referral. During the initial assessment the client will be asked what their priorities are. For example, it may be to reduce the risk of falling, learn more about their condition, be able to get dressed independently, learn how to manage better with memory loss or improve general levels of fitness. The important thing is, that is the client that decides their priorities, not the therapy team.

It may be that clients just wish to know how to access other voluntary services or statutory health and social care services, or benefits advice. INS will help with this too. INS will also provide counselling to clients and carers if this is required.

Once the INS multi-disciplinary team (MDT) is clear on what the client wishes to achieve, the MDT will set goals for the client to work on with the therapist and support staff. This therapy input will normally be delivered in Twickenham at INS, but our staff also carry out therapy in home environments or in local community areas such as, parks.

The MDT providing the therapy and support consists of, physiotherapy occupational therapy (OT), social work and speech, language therapy (SLT), rehab assistants and support staff. Therapy and support will be delivered in groups or one-on-one. All the MDT will be working with the client to achieve their client-centred goals with an holistic approach. During this period the client’s key-worker will review progress and discuss any changing needs with the client, carers and MDT. Therapy and support should commence with 25 working days of INS accepting your referral.

INS also organises and runs other activities known as “Expanding Horizons”. These take the form of social outings, community visits, art and craft activities, sporting and leisure groups or anything else of interest. Clients are made aware of the upcoming expanding horizons activities and will be supported to join any that may be of interest to them.

Once a client has achieved their goals the amount of direct therapy they receive will reduce but they will still have access to INS expanding horizons activities and other activities at INS not directly run by the therapists. A listening ear, support with social needs or care navigation will always be available and access to an INS therapist is readily available.

Clients and carers are welcome to stay with INS as long as they wish, we will not discharge you. Our aim is to support clients and carers for as long as they have a need which we can meet. The key-worker will conduct regular reviews and if necessary recommence therapy input. Ultimately, a journey with INS will lead to a greater sense of well-being, and reduced social isolation for all our clients and carers.