Support Groups and Activities for Carers

Carer’s Fit Club:

Shake the dust off your trainers and legwarmers and come to INS for a fitness session dedicated to strength, endurance and flexibility. Running in parallel with Coffee and Conversation, feel free to bring your cared-for to INS for a chat with other INS clients while you exercise next door with other carers. Fit Club takes place fortnightly on a Friday at INS between 11.15am – 12.15pm (Coffee and Conversation 11.00am – 12.30pm).

Contact Luke for details and availability: 020 8755 4000, or email: [email protected]

Support Group for Carers:

AKA the Carers’ Coffee Morning; pop over to Squires Garden Centre for a coffee and catch-up if you are a Carer of someone living with a neurological condition. Facilitated by INS staff, the coffee morning provides a supportive environment to chat with other people sharing similar experiences and to offer information regarding local events and updates which may be helpful to INS clients and carers alike. Next dates: 17 September 2019; 15 October 2019; 19 November 2019; and 17 December 2019 (10.15am to 11.30am)

Contact Diana for details and availability: 020 8755 4000, or email: [email protected]

Carers Taking Back Control:

A supportive and educational group run by INS’s very own Social Worker; offering insights and coping strategies in how to maintain control and live your best life whilst caring for someone living with a long term condition. From learning how to better manage stress, anxiety, frustration or anger, coping with feelings of loss of identity, or maintaining a positive and healthy lifestyle, Taking Back Control offers a sense of empowerment often needed by Carers of all ages and backgrounds. Next dates TBC.

Contact Carol for details and availability: 020 8755 4000, or email: [email protected]

Sports Massage:

Not just for rugby players and footballers! Caring for a friend or loved one is a physically demanding lifestyle; be it manual handling during transfers, tense postures maintained during stressful days and weeks, or constant movement required to keep on top of everything. Offered by INS’s own Sports Massage Therapist, Sports Massage offers relief and loosening of tight or injured muscles often repetitively overworked during these daily repetitive tasks.

Contact Luke for details and availability: 020 8755 4000, or email: [email protected]