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INS and the 2.6 Challenge!!! 

What is The 2.6 Challenge?

The London Marathon 2020 would have taken place on Sunday 26th April, with many fundraising events cancelled or postponed due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak. Instead, people have been encouraged to take part in the 2.6 challenge by completing a challenge that suits their skills and is based around the number 2.6 or 26. Already, in excess of £2,000 has been raised towards the work of INS, through generous donations from our supporters. 

Marie-Anne (Our physiotherapist) has been doing a 2.6 mile run followed by a 26 minute exercise circuit, doing 26 repetitions of each exercise.

Alex (Our Occupational Therapist) is doing a mini OT-style “triathlon” involving:

  • A 2.6 mile run
  • 26 minutes of a yoga downward dogs and planks (may regret this)
  • 26 minutes of only using my left-hand (weaker hand!) to cook a meal :)

Tracey (Our Fundraiser) is celebrating 26 years of INS by writing a 26-line poem about the charity, with each line starting with a different letter of the alphabet. The result has now been published on our Twitter and Facebook accounts​!

Carol (Our Social Worker) is running on the spot for 26 minutes!

Ruhi (Our Expanding Horizons coordinator) is walking 2.6 miles!

Paul (Our Therapy Instructor) is doing 26 ‘keepie-uppies’ with a toilet roll instead of a football! 

Check out our attempts on our Twitter and Facebook accounts!

If you’ve got any additional challenges you would like to put to the INS team, we are willing to put ourselves forward!


How to get involved

It is open to anyone of any age, the only requirement is that the challenge meets social distancing guidelines.

People can choose to fundraise for and ask for donations from family and friends, or donate directly to the campaign themselves. There are so many different ideas that can be done in your own home! Anything from walking 2.6 lengths of your garden (if Captain Tom has inspired you!), completing 26 minutes of mindfulness or spending 26 minutes drawing a rainbow to place in your window to support the NHS and key workers!

Let us know if you decide to get involved and what fun ideas you come up with. Would love to see photos of what you’ve achieved! 

We’ve heard some great ideas so far so keep them coming!

Jon has spent 26 hours doing an incredible piece of artwork which shows staff completing their 2.6 challenges and the day to day challenges experienced by people diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease

Barbara completed 26 activities on 26th April 2020 including exercise tasks, speaking to relatives and practising her hand writing with her weaker arm to thank INS and the NHS for support with her stroke recovery 

Sue has walked 26 lengths of her house and Paul spent 2.6 minutes standing on 1 leg!

We've already raised in excess of £2,000 so thank you to everyone for your support!


To make a donation

Please go to https://twopointsixchallenge.justgiving.com/donate, enter "Integrated Neurological Services" and click Donate.

Alternatively, you can click the donate button at the top of this page or by clicking here.

Any donations to support INS will be hugely appreciated.