INS accepts self-referrals and referrals from GPs, neurologists, therapists, health or social care professionals or a person’s family or friend.  

Click here to download a referral form. You can send it to us by post, or e-mail it to [email protected] 

Please ensure that the adult you are referring: 

  • meets our referral criteria
  • has a neurological condition
  • Has given consent to be referred

We aim to complement the work of statutory services and therefore we strongly advise that clients are not referred until they have been seen and discharged by the appropriate NHS community teams.

Please give full details of the reason for referral and attach any relevant documentation to the form, including any discharge reports. 

What will happen to the referral?

  • All referrals are screened by senior clinicians and you may be contacted to provide more information about your referral. You will also be contacted if the referral is not accepted, i.e. if the person does not meet our acceptance criteria or if we think their needs are best met elsewhere.  

  • Once the referral is accepted, the person will be seen at the earliest opportunity for an initial assessment by an INS clinician. The clinician will discuss with them how INS might be able to help, and a letter will be sent to the person’s GP to inform them that INS is supporting them. 

  • The initial assessment will be discussed with the multi-disciplinary clinical team. The client will then be offered individual therapy and/or a suitable therapy group at the earliest opportunity. 

What ongoing support do clients receive?
  • INS supports and provides therapy for the long-term. Clients are not routinely discharged from INS services, unless they move out of area or no longer want to be supported by INS.
  • All INS clients are allocated a member of staff who is their Key Worker, their main point of contact with INS.  This member of staff will keep in regular touch with the person and conduct an annual review of needs.
  • All clients receive our newsletter and regular updates on groups and activities. Clients and carers may contact us at any time if they need further support.
Do clients need to pay?
  • There will be a charge of £10.00 for one hour group sessions and £30.00 for individual 60-minute therapy sessions. A 50% discount is available for those on limited income or receiving universal credit and other benefit payments. Support for carers is free. Bursaries may be available - contact us for more information (T: 020 8755 4000 or E: [email protected]).
Does INS have links to other organisations?
  • We have links with other community health and social care services, and may refer clients to them as appropriate and with consent. Members of the INS clinical team meet regularly with local community teams to share information about mutual clients.
  • We also have links with a wide range of other local authority, education and voluntary sector organisations.