1993: established: physiotherapist Ellie Kinnear notice the gap in long term support and education for people with neurological conditions and their carers. Through a number of pilot groups and using principles based on Conductive Education Ellie demonstrated that a holistic approach helped people improve in confidence and well being, with some improvements in physical and functional abilities. A number of other therapists joined Ellie including occupational therapist Dr Liz Grove.

1999: registered as a charity: Emeritus Professor Tom Pilkington, worked with the rest of h team to achieve charitable status. It was established in recognition of a need for regular, ongoing therapy and support for people with chronic or deteriorating neurological conditions, particularly Parkinson’s disease (PD), Multiple Sclerosis (MS) debilitating stroke or head injury; to develop their self-reliance, enable them to live as independently as possible and thus enhance their quality of life. Groups were run from Kew Baptist Church.

2009: INS moved: to present building 82 Hampton Road, TW2 5QS with purpose built therapy spaceReplace this with your content