Expanding Your Horizons - discover, connect, learn

For details and availability of each group shown below, please contact INS: 020 8755 4000 or email: [email protected]. Each Expanding Horizons group normally costs £6 per session.

Gardening Group:

Join us in the accessible INS garden and take part in maintenance gardening activities all year-round. From planting seeds, weeding, and nurturing (and harvesting from) our rich vegetable and herb patches, the Gardening Group is open to all and highly rewarding. Open to a range of abilities, knowledge and skill-bases, discover and cultivate your green fingers in this highly social and diverse group. Next dates: tbc 

Crafts - papercraft:

Join us to try your hand at papercraft: Next dates: tbc

Coffee and conversation:

Take time out for coffee and a chat: Next dates: tbc

Bake and Chat:

Bake your favourite dish and chat: Next dates: tbc

Art Group:

Whether you’re a da Vinci, a Picasso or a Jackson Pollock, wielding a finely-tuned hand or a having a bash with a paint roller, all abilities are welcome in the INS art group. Focusing on a different theme every week, the art group offers all the chance to become absorbed into their creative process and develop their skills with others. And for days when artistic block is too strong or confidence is low, we also have mindful colouring-in available, providing some light stress-relief in a social and friendly environment. Next dates: tbc


Paying more attention to the present moment (to your own thoughts and feelings, and to the world around you) can improve your mental wellbeing. Session with our counsellor Julie. Next dates: tbc

Music Appreciation Group:

Remember that time you saw the Stones play in the 70’s and the baseline rang through your eardrums for the next 20 years? Whether it’s Beetles, Bach or Basement Jazz which stands your hair on end, this group offers the chance to reminisce, share and compare your musical tastes with the pitch-perfect and tone-deaf alike. With themes of decades and genres changed week by week, sift through your record collection and stop by for a cup of tea and a listen. Next dates: tbc

T.V. Vintage

Join our volunteer Cliff down the memory lane of television. Next dates: tbc

App my Life - exploring apps:

Learn how to effectively use apps on your mobile devices. Next dates: tbc

Creative Writing:

Join us to develop an enhance your writing skills and produce wonderful narrative, poetry or stories. Next dates: tbc

Sports Massage:

Not just for rugby players and footballers! Whether you have muscle tightness, reduced sensation or rigidity, Sports Massage may offer some relief and relaxation for many conditions, or simply improve mood and well-being. Not currently available

For details and availability of each group shown above, please contact INS: 020 8755 4000 or email: [email protected]Each Expanding Horizons group normally costs £6 per session.