I heard about INS from a friend and she encouraged me to refer myself. I’d been diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis (MS) a year before but was still really struggling to cope with it and how it would change my life. The ‘Taking Back Control’ group run by INS occupational therapists helped me to find ways of dealing with the emotional effects of my MS. I still go through periods of feeling really down about it all, but I try to remember the advice and tips offered on the course. I have also had some counselling at INS and it helped being able to talk in confidence about my concerns.

I had heard that fatigue can be an issue with MS but I didn’t realise how much, until it began to stop me from doing the things I enjoyed most. I spoke to one of the occupational therapists at INS who invited me to a fatigue management course and this gave me practical strategies to help deal with it. I also came along to the art group the occupational therapists run and following that, I joined an art group at my local library.

The INS physiotherapist told me that my strength and balance were good and encouraged me to stay active. She gave me exercises to do at home and referred me to a local gym – I go there once a week now and it feels great to be able to do so.

I know my condition will keep changing but I feel reassured that INS will always be there for me when I need them.