How You Can Help – Join the Friends of INS

There are TWO ways to become a Friend: (1) Join the 100 Club; or (2) pay a modest annual Fee by standing order.

Print out and return this Form or call INS on 020 8755 4000 or email for details.

(Annual fees and donations (but not 100 Club tickets) are eligible for Gift Aid if you pay sufficient  UK tax, which increases the value to INS of your fees and donations by 25%.)

Friends receive the following:

  • Members of the 100 Club have the chance to win one of six quarterly prizes: £200, £100 or 4 x £50 (Initially, prize money will be paid in proportion to the number of members, until 100 members have joined). All the remaining proceeds will go towards supporting INS. See below how the 100 Club works.
  • A copy of our regular Newsletter, keeping you up to date with what is happening at INS, future events, stories and information about neurological conditions.
  • Invitations to all our events.

How the 100 Club Works

You sign up to buy a £5 prize draw ticket every month: that works out at £60 per year. It is hoped that 100 monthly tickets will be purchased. The draws take place every 3 months. If you win one of the six quarterly prizes you will receive a cheque for that amount.

Over the year our winners will receive a share of up to £1,500 and you could be one of them! All the remaining proceeds will go towards the work of INS.

What are the rules?

  • 1. You must be over 16 and resident in the UK.
  • 2. You can join at any time and will be eligible for the quarterly draw in which your payments begin.
  • 3. You can hold as many tickets as you want to pay for. If you wish to buy additional tickets in the future, contact the Admin Office at INS, or call 020 8755 4000.
  • 4. If you wish to withdraw from the 100 Club you simply have to inform the Admin Office at INS and cancel your standing order.
  • 5. You must have an appropriate UK bank or building society account for a standing order.

How to sign up

Simply decide how many tickets you would like to buy each month at £5 a ticket. Fill in the details on the Form and return it to INS. Of course the more tickets you buy, the greater your chance of winning – and the more people INS can support.

Other Ways You Can Support INS

Recommend Us to a Friend

Perhaps you have a friend, family member, or a colleague, who might be interested in the work of INS and the 100 Club. If you would like to send them or for them to be sent a copy of the Friends leaflet and information about the work of INS please call 020 8755 4000 or suggest they visit

Thank you for your support for INS.