Living with Parkinson's disease

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Living with Parkinson's disease

I have had Parkinson’s disease for six years. My Parkinson’s nurse referred me to INS 2 years ago. I wasn’t really sure why, or what they would be able to do for me. The first time I came to INS was for a communication group. My wife kept telling me that she couldn’t hear what I was saying and I really did not understand why – I was speaking in the same way I had always done! After some convincing from my wife, I saw one of the speech and language therapists and told them about this and they invited me to a Parkinson’s communication group. The group was great – not only did I get some really helpful tips but also, it was very reassuring to find out that I am not the only one with these problems.

After that group, I started feeling like I could be doing more. I saw a physiotherapist who suggested hydrotherapy. I had no idea what that was until I turned up and found out I would be exercising in a warm pool – the exercises really helped me with my strength and balance.  The physiotherapist was great and could tell I was loving the exercises. He suggested I join a regular Parkinson’s group at INS, which runs every other week. I now come to a group to exercise, speak to others who have similar problems to mine and also to speak to the therapists who always give me useful advice and information.

Over the summer, we have a break from all our groups, to give us a chance to go to the great activities they have planned – as part of the Expanding Horizons programme. Last year, I went on a boat trip and did some gardening, I loved it!

I would never have done any of these things had it not been for INS.